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Staying Open for Science, COVID Response

3/20/20 12:44 PM

Abveris, Inc. 

March 18, 2020
RE: Staying Open for Science, COVID Response


To Our Valued Customers & Partners,

The COVID outbreak has caused significant disruptions to the science community worldwide, and your ongoing antibody discovery projects shouldn’t cause additional stress. Abveris will remain open for business and continue to provide contract research services during the state of emergency even if a "shelter-in-place" order is called. 

Abveris has multiple ongoing projects that directly contribute to drug development efforts for underserved diseases and indications (including COVID-19 and multiple other viral agents). Our end-to-end antibody discovery services are fully operational and we’re accepting new hybridoma and B cell screening discovery projects. Are you delaying your discovery work because of COVID-related antigen production delays? We can help.

Schedule 15 minutes with us today to discuss your project.

We are closely monitoring communications from the Massachusetts State and Federal Governments regarding measures to prevent the spread of the virus. Abveris has implemented mandatory work-from-home policies for non-essential staff, and employee schedules have been adjusted to promote social distancing. 

We welcome you to lean on us during these turbulent times. As always, we look forward to supporting your science.



Garren Hilow

CEO of Abveris


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which in prosperous circumstances would have lain dormant

- Horace

Ryan Kelly

Written by Ryan Kelly

Associate Director of Business Development @ Abveris