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March 20, 2020

Staying Open for Science, COVID Response

Abveris will remain OPEN and OPERATIONAL during the state of emergency. Contact us today to get your antibody discovery projects on track.

July 1, 2019

Abveris and Harbour Antibodies Announce Technology Co-Offering for Fully Human Antibody Discovery

Abveris and Harbour offer a fully-human antibody discovery service with the H2L2 human transgenic mouse platform.

June 17, 2019

Abveris Deploys the Berkeley Lights Beacon® Platform for Antibody Discovery

The Beacon platform enables rapid identification and isolation of antigen-specific antibody-secreting cells.


Who we are

Antibody enthusiasts doing what we love.


Science as a service.

At Abveris, we believe high-quality science is the most valuable deliverable to industry and academia. Therefore, we strive to provide exceptional antibody discovery services across the board, from early project design and communication to final product delivery.


What's in a name?

The name “Abveris” is meant to serve as a daily reminder that excellence in science necessitates a commitment to scientific understanding. Inspired by the Harvard motto “veritas,” or “truth,” our name reaffirms the fact that discovery science is a constant quest for truth, and that “good data” is data with integrity.


Our logo is dedicated to our home.

The Greater Boston community is a global beacon of scientific excellence. Our logo is inspired by the Zakim bridge, a modern, iconic landmark that erupts boldly from the Boston skyline. While the construction of the Zakim bridge is technologically advanced, it still pays homage to Boston’s historical revolutionary roots. Likewise, we strive to be a company that innovates boldly and probes boundaries while paying respect to the science and scientists whose achievements comprise our bedrock.


People Are Talking About Abveris

“We counted on Abveris to generate antibodies against a difficult target and we received numerous antibodies that resulted in several functional leads to progress a high priority program. Have seen similar results in subsequent projects. Abveris is an essential element to our research efforts.”


Head of Research & Co-Founder - Torch Therapeutics

“The team at Abveris was a pleasure to work with! They delivered a panel of antibodies that showed some mouse cross reactivity for a difficult target. They were able to stick to the aggressive timeline without compromising data quality.”

Senior Scientist

Boston Area Pharmaceutical Company

“Abveris provided excellent services for antibody discovery. The clear communication, project flexibility and final data package made the entire team a pleasure to work with.”


Kanyos Bio

We’re certainly very happy with this work and the outcome, matching what we had hoped for at a crucial time for us... I look forward to continuing to work together in future.

Chris Paluch

Oxford University


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