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Mabs Against More Epitopes with DiversimAbTM 

Increasing your chance of success in antibody discovery by delivering antibodies to more diverse epitopes than other mouse platforms.

Enhanced Epitopic Diversity with DiversimAbTM Technology

DiversimAb vs WT

The limiting factor for most in vivo discovery platforms is the diversity of the host animal's immune response. Abveris' discovery platform is propelled by proprietary, genetically engineered hyperimmune mouse strains, the DiversimAbTM family. Due to autoimmune features, our mouse strains offer a competitive advantage in the generation of murine antibodies against epitopes and proteins with high homology to a mouse ortholog.

Technology Spotlight: DiversimAb Platform



The Ideal Platform for Antibody-based Therapeutics and Reagent Discovery

DiversimAbTM platform is the industry-leading platform designed for the search of rare hits by delivering maximum antibody diversity upfront. Combined with Abveris's industry-leading hybridoma and B cell deep screening platforms, targeting even the most challenging targets is possible.

Common applications of the platform include the generation of therapeutic and reagent antibodies with tailored cross-reactivity and specificity, activity, antibodies against cell surface receptors, anti-mouse surrogate antibodies, and critical anti-idiotype reagents.

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Benefits of DiversimAbTM Include:

1. Enhanced Antibody Diversity

DiversimAbTM mice provide an advantage in nearly any custom antibody discovery application due to the increased epitopic diversity of the mAbs resulting from the mice.

Utilizing the DiversimAb technology, Abveris has developed hyperimmune mice of two strain backgrounds (DiversimAbTM and DivergimAbTM) with different MHC haplotypes to produce additional, complementary diversity in discovery campaigns.

As a benefit of enhanced antibody diversities, DiversimAbTM platform readily enables the discovery of species cross-reactive antibodies, including human, cyno, and mouse cross-reactive antibodies.


2. Difficult High-Homology Epitope Targeting

Our auto-immune, hyperimmune model enables the delivery of panels of mAbs against targets (such as cell surface receptors), and epitopes on those targets, that do not elicit an immune response in natural mice. We've delivered mAbs against 100% mouse proteins out of DiversimAbTM mice.


Comparing Titers of DiversimAbTM and Balb/c Mice with Targets of Increasing Sequence Homology

DiversimAb titer vs WT


3. Purpose-Built Immunization Strategies for Tough Targets

Abveris uses custom immunization protocols optimized for DiversimAbTM for multi-spanners (such as GPCR and ion channels), high homology targets, and other poor immunogens. We have developed rapid immunization strategies to elicit robust immune responses without sacrifices in antibody affinity or quality, leading to the identification of diverse panels of antibodies in weeks, not months.

Our proprietary adjuvant suite is stacked with custom formulations that give us an edge across targets and in-vivo models. Many options available, connect with our team to learn more.


4. Royalty-Free

Abveris offers royalty-free, flexible business models, including fee-for-service and equity-for-service structures, for the access to the DiversimAbTM platform.


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