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Accelerated Discovery of Functionally Relevant Antibodies Leveraging Broadened Epitopic Diversity and Single B-Cell Screening


DiversimAb Platform Benefits with Broadened Epitopic Diversity for Antibody Discovery

DiversimAb Technical Handout

Abveris/Berkeley Lights Joint Application Note

Joint application note with Berkeley Lights on advanced assays using Beacon Platform

Targeting GPCRs via High-Resolution, Function-Forward Single B Cell Antibody Discovery

Discovery on Target 2021

Function vs Force: Accelerated Identification of Relevant Antibody Candidates in the Modern Discovery Landscape

PEGS Boston 2020

Accelerating the Antibody Discovery Workflow in the Modern Therapeutic Landscape

Abveris/Berkeley Lights Joint Webinar 4/2020

Accelerated High-Throughput Antibody Discovery with High-throughput & High-Content Screening Technologies

abveris/carterra joint webinar 06/2021

De-risking Antibody Discovery: Tips for Success from Industry Experience

Abveris Webinar 9/2020

Abveris Ultra-rapid, High Resolution Single B Cell Screening Workflow by Beacon

B Cell Screening Poster

Targeting Cell Surface Receptors in Single B Cell Screening Antibody Discovery Workflow

Festival of Biologics Europe 2020

Accelerated Antibody Discovery Targeting the SARS-CoV-2Spike Protein for COVID-19 Therapeutic Potential

Open-Access Antibody Sequences

Accelerated Therapeutic Antibody Discovery Targeting a Cell Surface Receptor using a Beacon-Based Single B Cell Workflow

BEacon-based therapeutic antibody discovery case study

Rapid mAb Discovery against Cell Surface Receptor Based on B cell Screening on Adherent Cell Lines in 29 Days

Beacon-based therapeutic antibody discovery case study

Human mAb Discovery based on Alloy Humanized Mice and a Function-Forward Hybridoma Workflow

Function-Forward Hybridoma-based Human Antibody Discovery Case Study

Anti-ID mAb campaign for reagents supporting PK/ADA assays development for a bispecific therapeutic

Anti-Idiotypic Antibody Discovery Case Study

Ultrafast Single B Cell-based Anti-Idiotypic mAb Discovery against an mAb Therapeutics

anti-idiotypic antibody discovery case study

Identifying Specific mAb Binders to a CAR, Enabling Drug Quantification in Patient Serum Sample

anti-idiotypic antibody discovery case study

100 Anti-Idiotype Antibody Discovery Projects: A Retrospective

Abveris Anti-ID mAb Discovery Webinar 9/2021