Abveris on-demand webinar 03/24/2022

Function-Forward, Rapid mAb Discovery against an Intractable Cell Surface Receptor Using DiversimAb and Humanized Mice


Tracey Mullen, VP/GM  

Mice are one of the most common repertoire sources for in vivo antibody discovery. The choice of mouse model, immunization method, and/or screening strategy can significantly impact the drug discovery and development timeline. In this webinar, the scientific leadership of Abveris will discuss the following topics:

1. Challenges in the discovery of therapeutic antibodies against cell surface receptors and transmembrane proteins such as GPCR and ion channels

2. Overview of key selected technologies to access development-ready therapeutic leads, including the use of humanized mice and humanization of murine antibodies

3. A case study of an antibody discovery campaign against a cell surface receptor target using both humanized mice and proprietary hyperimmune (DiversimAb) mice for a risk-mitigated workflow under a rapid timeline

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Function-Forward, Rapid mAb Discovery_3-24 Webinar




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