Abveris on-demand webinar 8/9/2022

Function-Forward, Rapid Therapeutic mAb Discovery against an Intractable Cell Surface Receptor via Concurrent Use of Hyperimmune and Humanized Mice


Tracey Mullen, SVP Operations Twist Bioscience 

Mice are one of the most common repertoire sources for in vivo antibody discovery. The choice of mouse model, immunization method, and/or screening strategy can significantly impact the drug discovery and development timeline. In this webinar, the scientific leadership of Abveris will discuss the following topics:

1. Challenges in the discovery of therapeutic antibodies against cell surface receptors and transmembrane proteins such as GPCR and ion channels

2. Overview of key selected technologies to access development-ready therapeutic leads, including the use of humanized mice and humanization of murine antibodies

3. A case study of an antibody discovery campaign against a cell surface receptor target using both humanized mice and proprietary hyperimmune (DiversimAb) mice for a risk-mitigated workflow under a rapid timeline

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