Abveris on-demand webinar 04/21/2022

Lessons Learned from 2+ Years of Discovering Functional Antibodies on the Beacon


Garren Hilow, Director of Business Development, In Vivo Discovery Services

Topics of Discussion:

Leveraging the natural immune repertoire for antibody discovery has distinct advantages for positive downstream outcomes, including efficacy, developability and safety; however, traditional antibody capture and screening methodologies, such as hybridoma-based methods typically fail to provide both the throughput and resolution required to thoroughly mine the full genetic diversity.

In this webinar, the scientific leadership at Abveris will discuss the key lessons Abveris team has learned from over 2 years of experience in using the Berkeley Lights Beacon platform for therapeutic drug discovery and how such integration has enabled the identification of functional, high affinity, species cross-reactive antibodies for rapid clinical advancement.

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