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ADVANCED Characterization

Industry-leading antibody characterization capabilities fueled by market-leading screening technologies 


High-Throughput Antibody Discovery Targeting Cell Surface Receptors

Learn how we use high-throughput iQue flow cytometry to make more informed decisions during antibody screening.


We provide services to discover, characterize, and deliver optimal monoclonal antibodies.

We go beyond testing for antibody specificity using our high-throughput technology platforms. We test delivered antibodies for desired binding kinetics, epitope specificity, on-cell cross-reactivity, and functional binding profiles.



Questions we answer with iQue:

On-cell binding

affinity (apparent KD)

functional antibodies

species cross-reactivity


Intellicyt iQue Flow Cytometry

With our iQue Screener PLUS flow cytometer we screen antibodies for on-cell binding to identify massive panels of antigen-specific antibodies for further interrogation. 

Advantages of the IntelliCyt iQue PLUS

The iQue achieves faster assay throughput than traditional flow cytometers by sampling only microliters from each well and delivering an air-gap-delimited flow of samples to the detectors.

The iQue Screener PLUS converts the traditional low throughput, time-consuming flow cytometry approach into a high throughput process.

The end result is a data-rich snapshot of the molecular events occurring in each well that can take less than five minutes for a 96-well plate.


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Octet BLI & Carterra SPR

Real time label-free binding analyses have introduced a new era in antibody screening and characterization, quickly. Abveris employs Carterra Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) and Octet Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) for detection of label-free molecular interactions.  

Carterra SPR and Octet BLI are fully integrated into our custom monoclonal antibody development so that we can screen hundreds of monoclonal antibody candidates for desired binding specificity and kinetics suited for your intended application(s). 



ForteBio Octet






Both the Carterra and Octet based analyses are stand-alone services available to partners interested in binding kinetic analyses. 

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Carterra Network-Plot


The Abveris High-Throughput Advantage:

Species Cross-Reactivity Assessments

Kinetics, Affinity, KD determination

Epitope Binning, Antibody Pairing

Ligand Blocking Analyses

Rapid Antibody Quantitation  

Custom Assays


Deep Dive



We offer contract high-throughput screening services. Send us your antibodies today!



Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assays (ELISAs) are one of the most common and transferrable screening formats employed for antibody-based assays. 

ELISA-type assays are especially beneficial for soluble or secreted targets. In particular, they’re useful for the development of critical reagents or PK or ADA assays to support clinical development or for the discovery and characterization of antibodies against soluble therapeutic targets.

The Abveris Advantage:

- High-throughput, highly automated platform

- Experience with diverse assay formats, including indirect ELISA, capture ELISA, bridging ELISA, competition ELISA, and more. 

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