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We have multiple industry-leading technologies to deliver the therapeutic and reagent mAbs you need.


In vivo antibody discovery in weeks instead of months? We do that.

The Berkeley Lights Beacon-based B cell screening enables high-resolution screening for ideal, rare mAbs in previously impossible timelines.

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Abveris is a premier antibody discovery partner, offering end-to-end mAb discovery solutions to biotech and biopharma companies of all sizes. Our process starts with a thorough project design process, where we work collaboratively with our partners to design a project with the greatest likelihood of success.

Whether you need functional antibodies or you're targeting complex cell surface targets, our technical teams and project managers help deliver the diverse panels of functionally relevant antibodies that meet your project needs. Our services give our partners access to multiple technology platforms with optimized workflows for immunizations, screening, characterization, sequencing, purification, and recombinant production. 



Abveris provides a full range of antibody discovery services for monoclonal antibody production, from antigen production to antibody purification, sequencing, and recombinant production. Access to humanized and proprietary mouse platforms, paired with industry-leading screening and characterization technologies provides our team with the ability to design flexible hybridoma or B cell screening workflows tailored to specific downstream applications. 

Our team works closely with our partners to develop both therapeutic and reagent antibodies, leveraging as many of our tools as needed to deliver the antibodies our partners need.


Comprehensive services
Early Phase

When working on novel targets, it can be hard to find a reliable source recombinant protein, and the availability of the necessary cell lines may be limited. With our protein/peptide synthesis and cell line generation capabilities, we ensure appropriate amounts of high-quality immunization and screening material is available. 


MIDDLE PHASE - Discovery and screening

B Cell screening on Beacon and optimized hybridoma development processes enables the discovery of large, diverse sets of mAbs.

Our suite of high throughput screening and characterization platforms allows us to not only identify ideal binders, but also to screen for high-affinity and functionally relevant antibodies early in the discovery process. High throughput flow cytometry allows us to analyze on-cell binding as well as functional activity.


Late Phase

Next-generation sequencing runs are accompanied by custom data reports highlighting potential developability concerns. Recombinant antibody production allows our partners the option to produce ample amounts of their favorite antibody in a reliable mammalian cell line. 


Immunization expertise

The immune response is critical to successful antibody discovery. Abveris prides itself on its expertise and breadth of immunization capabilities. Immunization methods include:

  • Peptide/protein-based
  • Cell-based 
  • Subtractive cell-based
  • DNA-based
  • VLP-based
  • Tolerance-breaking

The hyperimmune response of the DiversimAb mouse can generate appropriate titers in as little as three weeks, enabling rapid antibody discovery. Proprietary adjuvants and proprietary immunization protocols allow our team to exploit the hyperimmune and autoimmune features of our proprietary mouse strain for an even greater chance of cross-reactive and diverse antibodies sets. Through our work with different humanized platforms, we have optimized our immunization methods to apply to the mouse models commonly used for therapeutic discovery campaigns. 



Abveris leverages a number of high throughput platforms for antibody screening and characterization. These platforms include TECAN systems for high throughput ELISA, iQue Flow Cytometry for high throughput on cell screening, Carterra SPR and Octet for antibody kinetics analysis. 


Anti-Idiotype and Reagent Antibody Discovery

At Abveris, we deliver high-quality anti-idiotype antibodies using our DiversimAbTM platform. We apply stringent, high content screening in relevant formats predictive of downstream assay success to identify quality reagents for your specific drug development assays (e.g. PK and ADA).

We know these mAbs are critical tools for clinical assay development, and the speed with which we deliver high-quality reagents ultimately impacts patients’ lives. Our team takes pride in the work we perform and prioritizes the delivery of the highest-quality antibodies in industry-leading timelines to support your clinical trials.


  • Optimized, market-leading antibody discovery and characterization platform
  • Expanded mAb diversity with proprietary DiversimAb platform
  • All delivered mAbs screened on Octet for affinity and/or ligand blocking
  • Accelerated timelines
  • Expert project management
  • Flexible deliverables - hybridomas, antibody sequences, purified mAb
  • All work performed in our Boston, MA lab
  • Multiple biologic frameworks accepted – IgG, ScFv, bi-specifics, and other engineered biologics

Please view the Webinar our COO, Tracey Mullen, hosted that highlights the anti-idiotype discovery workflows that we use with a 94% success rate across diverse targets. 


Interested in learning more? Download our pricing guide below and feel free to reach out to our team if you have any questions!

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Berkeley Lights B Cell Screening


The Beacon platform by Berkeley Lights is a disruptive, best-in-industry technology for single B-cell screening. It enables high resolution screening of antibody secreting B-cells with a throughput and timeline that was unimaginable just a few years ago.  Days after tissue collection, the Beacon provides a rich data set about each antibody screened to identify the rare, active, cross-reactive mAbs that are ideal for clinical development. Those antibodies are then sequenced and expressed rapidly to advance them to downstream assays.

The Beacon platform is a perfect combination with Abveris's distinguished ability to generate immune responses in-vivo against difficult-to-target epitopes.

By screening mAbs in for the proper functional activity and cross-reactivity upfront, the process is much more efficient than the age-old method of developing and expressing hundreds or thousands of mAbs to identify the few with relevant function. This results in better mAbs, delivered faster and with less wasted resources.

The Abveris Advantage:

  • High-resolution screening in days after tissue collection including:
    • Cross-reactivity screening on multiple cell lines and recombinant reagents
    • Activity assays
    • Affinity screening
    • Developability assessment
  • Delivery of antibody sequences and associated rich screening data early
  • Ability to identify rare, therapeutically relevant antibodies directly from B-cells
  • Take advantage of the increased diversity of our DiverisimAbTM Platform
  • Human mAb discovery available using Trianni, Harbour and other humanized mouse platforms
  • Exceptionally rapid timelines – saving months of time

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Beacon image

Sample Timeline:
1) Immunization:
3-5 weeks
2) Beacon B Cell Screening:
1-2 days
3) Single Cell Sequencing:
1 week
4) Expression & Validation:
4-6 weeks




Hosted by Colby Souders, Ph.D., CSO of Abveris, and Anupam Singhal, Ph.D., Product Manager for Antibody Discovery at Berkeley Lights.

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Enhanced Epitopic Diversity with DiversimAbTM Technology


The limiting factor for most in vivo discovery platforms is the diversity of the host animal's immune response. Abveris is propelled by DiversimAbTM Mice, a family of proprietary hyperimmune, autoimmune engineered mouse models. Due to engineered autoimmune features, our mouse strains offer a competitive advantage in the generation of antibodies to protein targets with high homology to mouse homologs and other cell surface antigens. Common applications of the platform include the generation of antibodies with human/mouse/cyno cross-reactivity, antibodies specific to point mutations, and mouse anti-mouse surrogate antibodies. Below are a few benefits of the DiversimAbTM platform:




Enhanced Antibody Diversity

DiversimAbTM mice provide an advantage in nearly any custom antibody discovery application due to the increased epitopic diversity of the mAbs resulting from the mice.



Difficult High-Homology Epitope Targeting

Our auto-immune, hyperimmune model enables the delivery of panels of mAbs against targets, and epitopes on those targets, that do not elicit an immune response in natural mice. We've delivered mAbs against 100% mouse proteins out of DiversimAbTM mice.



Purpose-Built Strategies for Tough Targets

We use custom immunization protocols for multi-spanners, high homology targets, and other poor immunogens. Many options available, connect with our team to learn more.








DiversimAb epitopic coverage

Learn more about DiversimAbTM






Species Cross-Reactivity

Our DiversimAbTM platform readily generates species cross-reactive antibodies, including human, cyno and even mouse cross-reactive antibodies.


Rapid Immunization Timelines


Immunization strategies optimized for rapid antibody generation without sacrifices in antibody affinity or quality. Identify epitopicly diverse panels of antibodies in weeks, not months.




Industry-Leading Adjuvant Formulations

Our in-house adjuvant suite is stacked with custom formulations that give us an edge for across targets and in-vivo models.



Human Antibody Discovery

When the discovery of human antibodies is the goal, Abveris can leverage the leading humanized mice in the industry to deliver fully-human, therapeutic-grade antibodies.

We have many years of experience optimizing antibody discovery in engineered mice including the Harbour and Alloy mice. Abveris is a preferred CRO for each of those platforms.

The Abveris expertise and technology platforms enable the delivery of therapeutic-quality antibodies against increasingly challenging targets from humanized mice.



ALLOY ATX-Gx Human Antibody Discovery

Alloy's ATX-Gx mice are the newest and most exciting mouse model on the market for antibody discovery. Their flexible business terms and dependable mouse model provide human antibody discovery for a wide breadth of research groups. Having the correct partner that can utilize this platform to its full potential is very important and our close relationship with Alloy has allowed us to optimize our processes to do so. 


Harbour Biomed Logo
HARBOUR H2L2 Human Antibody Discovery

Abveris applies decades of antibody discovery expertise to unlock the potential of human transgenic mouse models for therapeutic antibody discovery. Using proprietary immunization techniques and special handling procedures for human transgenic mice, we deliver development-ready human antibody drug candidates. 

Harbour Antibodies offers access to the H2L2 Harbour Mouse platform for Abveris customer in a de-risked, low-cost "evaluation program" format. Upon successful generation of your lead therapeutic antibodies, you have the opportunity to validate your clones before deciding whether to obtain a commercial license with Harbour Antibodies. 

About the H2L2 Harbour Mice platform  technology:

The H2L2 Harbour Mouse is a human transgenic rodent with introduced human antibody V gene families and inactivated murine antibody expression. H2L2 Harbour Mice boasts a diverse V gene usage, affinity maturation, and class switching in vivo. Antigen-specific monoclonal antibodies can be recovered using either hybridomas or B cell screening technologies.

The H2L2 Harbour Mouse technology is covered by US and several international issued and pending patent rights.