Meet the Abveris team 


We are unified in our mission, diverse in our perspectives, socially distant, and resolute in our commitment to excellent science.






Our Core Values

We hire people who make us excited to come to work.

We are Boston's antibody enthusiasts on a mission to deliver excellence. Our team is comprised of bright minds: talented biopharma scientists, hard-working graduates from Boston's vibrant university scene, and inquisitive minds that never tire.


Honesty and accountability is everything to us. We cherish the trust we have in each other as a team and the confidence our partners have in us.



Our team is full of people who are committed to open communication—listening well and asking good questions. This fosters an atmosphere of personal growth and betterment that leads to a stronger team as a whole.



The Abveris team has a deep passion for antibody discovery that fuels the diligence, urgency, and perseverance required to succeed for our partners effectively and efficiently.



Often, in science, challenges arise that have no clear solution. We look for creative solutions to difficult challenges, and we have the courage to implement those changes.


Partner Success

Abveris is dedicated to providing high quality, effective services with the urgency required to meet critical project timelines.


The Leadership Team

Tracey Mullen 2020-11-24

Tracey Mullen, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Tracey Mullen is a chemical-biological engineer from MIT who began her career as an Antibody Discovery Scientist at a startup contract research organization specializing in in vivo antibody discovery. Before bringing her talent to Abveris, she helped implement the technology transfer of the Adimab yeast display platform for antibody discovery and engineering at Biogen. Throughout her tenure at Biogen, Tracey worked to optimize the in vitro discovery of antibodies to tough targets, including leveraging the Adimab platform to generate antibodies against GPCRs.

Colby Sourders 2020-11-27

Colby Souders, PhD


Colby provides scientific leadership for the team to guide decisions and develop innovative strategies for successful delivery of each unique project. Before Abveris, he graduated with a Ph. D. in Cell and Molecular Biology from Texas A&M and directed antibody discovery and engineering programs at both MassBiologics of the University of Massachusetts Medical School and Kanyos Bio.

Garren Hilow 2020-12-01

Garren Hilow

Chief Business Officer

Garren is a passionate leader, entrepreneur, and antibody enthusiast. Prior to Abveris, Garren began his career building Abpro, a start-up CRO specializing in the in-vivo generation of monoclonal antibodies to support drug discovery research. Following this, he led the biotherapeutics discovery BD function at Dyax, managing collaborations using the at-the-time leading phage display mAb discovery platform. When he's not in the office, Garren enjoys spending time with his wife and young son, hiking, camping, fishing, and playing tennis.

Ryan Kelly 2020-11-23

Ryan Kelly, MBA

Director of Business Development

Ryan is a graduate of the Harvard Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology and hire #1 at Abveris. Ryan consults across diverse antibody discovery projects, bridging science and business development. In his free time, Ryan can be found hiking or skiing in hard to reach places around the White Mountains.


The Antibody Enthusiasts

Chloe Emery 2020-11-27

Chloe Emery

Director of Animal Programs
Yi-Pin Chang 2020-11-24

Yi-Pin Chang, PhD

Director of Protein Analytics
Jen Walker

Jennifer Walker, PhD

Director of Discovery Operations
Gary Ng 2020-12-08

Gary Ng, PhD, MBA

Director of Marketing
Screen Shot RD4

Robert Dubuc III

Director of Business Development

SreeKumar Kodangattil

Vice President, Antibody Engineering
Ashley Racki 2020-11-27 -e

Ashley Racki, MS

Associate Director of Discovery Operations
Kate Teague 2020-12-03

Kate Teague

Senior Manager of Operations
Chrissy Conti Headshot

Chrissy Conti

Marketing Manager
Christine Taylor 2020-12-01

Christine Taylor, MS

Senior Manager of Business Development
Travis LeGuyader 2020-12-08

Travis LeGuyader

Senior Manger of Business Development

Mariya Shapiro 2020-12-03

Mariya Shapiro, PhD

Kumar Dasuri 2020-12-03

Kumar Dasuri, PhD

Anna Susi Brousseau

Anna Susi Brousseau, MS

Ketan Patil 2020-12-03

Ketan Patil, PhD


Amin Dehkharghani, PhD

Ed Marcellino 2020-11-24

Ed Marcellino

Assistant Manager of Project Management
final 2

Prasanna Parasuraman, PhD

Senior Project Manager
Christine Ngo 2020-11-27

Christine Ngo

Lab Manager
Alex Lopez 2020-12-03

Alex Lopez

Manager of Animal Programs
Megan DeNicola 2020-12-01

Megan DeNicola

Senior Research Associate
Justin Gabriel 2020-11-7

Justin Gabriel

Senior Research Associate
Justin Stolte 2020-12-01

Justin Stolte

Research Associate
Brendan Greamo 2020-12-03

Brendan Greamo

Research Associate
Andrew Doucette 2020-12-03

Andrew Doucette

Research Associate
Kelly Rothenberger 2020-12-03

Kelly Rothenberger

Research Associate
Jacqueline Boucher 2020-12-01

Jacqueline Boucher

Research Associate
Shwetha Shankar 2020-12-03

Shwetha Shankar, MS

Research Associate
Kirsten Grant headshot

Kirsten Grant

Research Associate
Abigail Booth 2021-06-09

Abigail Booth

Research Associate
Melissa Caffrey

Melissa Caffrey

Research Associate
Jacqueline Boucher 2020-12-01

Jacqueline Boucher

Research Associate
Shaun Josephs 2020-12-03

Shaun Josephs

Facilities Manager

Laurie Vallas

Executive Assistant

Alisa Kuklina

Vivarium Associate