Abveris on-demand webinar 10/17/2022

An In Vivo Antibody Discovery Platform Designed for Challenging Therapeutic Targets


Roxann Guerrette, Alliance Manager

Topics of Discussion

In this presentation, the Abveris team will discuss the followings topics:

  • Expanded antibody repertoire diversity with a hyperimmune mice family (DiversimAb)
  • Leading-edge antibody discovery platform that is designed to accelerate and de-risk antibody discovery and supports different repertoire sources including hyperimmune mice, humanized mice, and alpaca
  • In vivo discovery solutions for CAR construct lead discovery for cell-based therapeutics with VHH and scFv
  • Advanced antibody characterization capabilities at Abveris 
  • Antibody humanization platform in Abveris to leverage enhanced diversity from murine antibodies


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About the Speaker:

Roxann is originally from New Brunswick, Canada and after an undergrad in Ottawa, she returned to Atlantic Canada to pursue her graduate studies on cancer research at Université de Moncton. During her PhD, she was rewarded with both Mitacs Globalink and Accelerate funding where she worked with different teams in France and California to learn new skills. During her time at DistributedBio in San Francisco, she worked on phage display to create scfvs. In April 2020, she was recruited as a Senior Scientist and managed a small team at Dynamicure in Boston where she created VHH libraries to scan for various targets and create immunotherapies for cancer and SARS-COV-2. All these opportunities have accelerated her career growth and she has now transitioned into Project Management at Twist Bioscience as the Alliance Manager, where she leads a team of scientists to create immunotherapies for companies around the world.


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