We have multiple strategies and partnerships to turn your gene product into a real-life product.


Antibodies against 1000+ antigens in four weeks. 

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Unlock your target antigen today using our in-house B cell screening engine, the Beacon. Thousands of antigens immediately available provided by our trusted partner Acro Biosystems.

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Antigen Production Capabilities

At Abveris, we believe that the quality of your antigen is critical to the success of every antibody discovery project. We built out our antigen production capabilities to offer a reliable source of high-quality reagents and give our partners flexibility without sacrificing a streamlined workflow. 

Our molecular biology team has years of experience generating reagents for antibody discovery campaigns. We have optimized our immunization techniques to generate robust immune responses to difficult target classes. 

Check out the information below to learn more about our antigen production capabilities and feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


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Super-Charged DNA Immunizations

Genetic immunization (or DNA immunization) enables the development of antibodies against any protein target directly from an electronic DNA sequence or accession number.

Abveris uses a suite of proprietary immunization vectors to directly express your target antigen in the mouse. 

The Abveris Advantage:

  • Enables antibody discovery for difficult target antigens, like GPCRs and multispanning membrane proteins
  • Work with difficult-to-express antigens
  • Save budget and time on antigen production


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Gene-To-Protein Recombinant Antigen Development

Using our industry-leading team of cell culture, purification and analytical experts, we generate high-purity research-grade proteins / antibodies, delivered on-time, to meet your exacting expectations. Equipped with state-of-the-art and high-throughput cell culture and purification systems and utilizing a variety of cell expression systems, we produce a wide array of proteins to support your various research purposes.


The Abveris Advantage:

- Experienced protein sciences team will review antigen and recommend critical sequence modifications before expression

- Robust, optimized transient systems for rapid, ultra-high yield protein production

- High-level expression with appropriate post-translational modifications

- Integrated antibody discovery capabilities


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Instantly Start Antibody Discovery Against 1000+ Antigens

Learn about our key partnership with Acro that give our partners access to 1000s of proteins and cell lines for royalty-free antibody discovery. 

details on our partnership with Acro


Cell Line Generation

To help facilitate our partner's need and continue to provide gene to antibody services, we have incorporated cell line generation. Our transient approach allows our partners to quickly and efficiently succeed in our mAb discovery campaigns.                                                                   Icons for New Website3





Access 1000s of recombinant protein antigens for popular targets via our preferred partnership with ACROBiosystems.

Abveris has worked with Acro since our beginning and we have always been more than happy with both the service and quality of their services. Our partnership allows our customers with access to 1000s of recombinant proteins on expedited timelines. Having a high-quality provider and fingers reach allows you to begin your project quickly with materials you can trust.



Preferred Partner for Recombinant Proteins:




Peptide and Small Molecule antigens

Our immunization expertise enables us to make highly specific, high affinity antibodies against peptides and even small molecules that may not be immunogenic in other in-vivo systems.


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