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Abveris Announces Equity-Bearing Antibody Discovery Partnership with Saccharo

12/2/20 9:21 AM

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Canton, MA, USA--(San Francisco, CA, USA)--Abveris, Inc. (“Abveris”) announced today that it has entered into an antibody discovery partnership with Saccharo, Inc. (“Saccharo”) for the discovery of monoclonal antibodies to advance the Saccharo therapeutic pipeline. Under the terms of the agreement, Abveris will utilize its proprietary DiversimAbTM mouse model in combination with its next-generation B cell screening platform, powered by the Berkeley Lights Beacon®, to rapidly discover monoclonal antibodies. In return for discovery services provided, Abveris will receive compensation partially in the form of equity.

“The team at Saccharo has identified a novel druggable target of great potential and we are honored to be working with them to identify candidate antibodies for clinical development,” commented Garren Hilow, Chief Business Officer of Abveris. “By pairing best-in-class discovery tools with our team of impassioned scientists, we believe that we offer Saccharo the best chance of success in discovering and optimizing the biologic they require for clinical advancement.”


"Saccharo is delighted to be working with Abveris. We see Abveris’s scientists, experience, skills and technology platforms as offering the best potential for success,” said Sherry Martin-Moe, PhD, President/CEO and Co-Founder of Saccharo. “Importantly, they have been real partners in understanding the science and developing a sound strategy to produce the best possible antibodies for Saccharo to take to the clinic.”

About Abveris: 

Abveris is Boston's premier antibody discovery company providing contract research services to the biopharma industry. Abveris applies advanced immunization methods combined with B cell screening and hybridoma-based antibody discovery technologies to provide comprehensive gene-to-antibody discovery services. Abveris is developing the next generation of biologics, cell therapies, vaccines, and diagnostics in partnership with global leaders in biopharma. Additional information about Abveris is available at www.ABVERIS.com.

About Saccharo:

Saccharo is a biotech start up in the immuno-shielding oncology space in pursuit of products for a novel polysaccharide target uniquely found on cancer cells only-not on normal cells, that is constant across all stages and types of cancer. The target is involved in a novel immune shielding pathway and serves as a platform for multiple drug modalities. Additional information about Saccharo is available at www.SACCHARO.com.

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Sherry Martin-Moe, PhD

President/CEO and Co-Founder


Ryan Kelly

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