Abveris announces formal launch of antigen production services

By Ryan Kelly - February 20, 2019

Canton, MA – February 20, 2019 – Abveris, Inc. today announced the addition of new capabilities to support antibody discovery campaigns. In-house antigen generation platforms have been established to support the production of plasmid DNA, recombinant proteins, and transfected cell lines for use in antibody discovery endeavors.

When reliable recombinant proteins are not available commercially, in house expi293- and expiCHO-based expression platforms are available for recombinant antigen production. We’ll build in confirmation testing checkpoints to ensure both parties are confident in the reagent before it is used for antibody discovery.

We generate transiently transfected cell lines in a bulk-transient cell line production procedure using our proprietary in-house vectors. With this method, we can rapidly deploy antibody discovery projects.

DNA immunization can be a strong approach for diverse target formats. We apply a suite of internal proprietary vectors to promote robust expression of your target directly in immunized mice.

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Here to help with proteins, cell lines, plasmids, and more.

Antigen production is the most crucial component of a successful antibody discovery campaign.  We choose an antigen generation strategy based on a detailed look at the structure of your target.

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