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Streamlining I-O Therapeutic Antibody Discovery: An Interview with Tracey Mullen, COO of Abveris

12/3/19 7:34 AM

Insights from industry: Tracey Mullen, Chief Operating Officer of Abveris

Visit News Medical today to view an interview with Tracey Mullen, Chief Operating Officer of Abveris, in the "Insights from Industry" interview series.

In the interview, Tracey gives an overview of immuno-oncology therapeutic antibodies in development, strategies for therapeutic antibody discovery, and applications for the Intellicyt iQue high-throughput flow cytometry platform in antibody discovery.

For more information on antibody discovery projects utilizing high-throughput flow cytometry, contact Abveris today!


Ryan Kelly

Written by Ryan Kelly

Associate Director of Business Development @ Abveris