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FREE WEBINAR: High Throughput Antibody Discovery Targeting Cell Surface Receptors for Signaling Blocking in Cancer

4/14/20 3:11 PM

On-cell receptor functionality is a crucial threshold for drug development. By leveraging high content screening in antibody discovery workflows, you are able to improve the likelihood of campaign success at early stages of development. Join us for our webinar hosted by our COO Tracey Mullen and our friends at Sartorius, where Tracey will walk through a case study outlining how we incorporate this technology for antibody discovery projects targeting cell surface receptors. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2020, 11 am EDT

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The use of monoclonal antibody-based therapeutics to target and treat cancer is considered to be one of the most successful therapeutic strategy within the oncology field to date. Specific cell surface antigen recognition is paramount to the success of these drugs, necessitating high resolution, early stage characterization of lead antibody drug candidates prior to preclinical development. In this webinar, Tracey Mullen, COO of Abveris, will review an antibody discovery campaign targeting a cell surface receptor implicated in cancer. Methods for immunization, antibody discovery, and subsequent functional characterization will be detailed.

Who Should Attend:
  • Antibody discovery scientists and researchers engaged in therapeutic drug discovery in oncology indications

  • Anyone interested in learning more about incorporating high-throughput flow cytometry analysis into early stage research and development

Tracey Mullen, Chief Operating Officer, Abveris

Tracey Mullen is a chemical-biological engineer from MIT who began her career as an Antibody Discovery Scientist at a startup contract research organization specializing in in vivo antibody discovery. In 2013, she joined the Antibody Discovery team at Biogen where she helped implement the technology transfer of the Adimab yeast display platform for antibody discovery and engineering. Throughout her tenure at Biogen, Tracey worked to optimize the in vitro discovery of antibodies to tough targets, including leveraging the Adimab platform to enerate antibodies against GPCRs. In June of 2018, Tracey joined Abveris Antibody as the Director of Antibody Discovery Operations, where she managed project design and development for in vivo discovery projects. She is now the Chief Operating Officer at AbX Biologics (formerly Abveris), a premium antibody discovery service partner boasting industry-leading timelines and cutting-edge technologies.

Carrie Haslam, Associate Editor, Select Science

Carrie Haslam is an Associate Editor at SelectScience, playing a key role in content production and specializing in Alzheimer’s disease and clinical diagnostics. She is finalizing her Ph.D. from Plymouth University, where she developed graphene-based biosensors for the early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.

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Travis LeGuyader

Written by Travis LeGuyader