Industry-leading mAb discovery using human transgenic mouse technologies.


Over 60 global pharmaceutical companies, large and small, rely on Abveris to develop therapeutic antibody candidates.

Our Boston-based team of discovery scientists is composed of experienced biotherapeutic drug discovery scientists with a passion for novel antibody discovery.  We use advanced immunization techniques, engineered in vivo systems, optimized antibody capture methods, robust high-throughput screening technologies, and diverse ancillary capabilities to deliver excellent therapeutic leads with critical timelines in mind.


  • Our team is experienced in biologic drug discovery with a variety of humanized mice. This experience is important when our clients are relying on us to deliver the next generation of biologics against increasingly difficult targets
  • A big toolbox enables us to tackle a diverse set of challenges
    • Antigen and screening materials development
    • Multiple immunization techniques including: DNA immunization, cell immunization, rapid protocols, adjuvants to break tolerance and assist in cross-reactivity and more
    • Highly efficient B cell screening and hybridoma approaches
    • High-throughput, industry-leading screening tools to identify ideal mAbs including the iQue flow cytometer along with the Octet and Carterra systems for affinity, activity and epitope binning analysis.
    • In-house sequencing capabilities
  • All work performed in our Boston Area location
  • Expert project management with a thoughtful and collaborative communication style



The Trianni Mouse


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The Harbor H2L2 Mouse



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