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Tips for Job Seekers From Our Hiring Team

By Haley Assner on 7/31/20 9:15 AM

Abveris is hiring and we want to help you get the job! Here are some guidelines from our hiring team to help you make your application stand out. Then, head over to our career page to apply!

The Job Search: CLICK TO APPLY

Online job postings receive floods of applications because of the convenience of applying through the internet. While applying to Abveris, please make sure to submit all required materials (incomplete applications not considered). It's important to follow up on positions that spark your interest. If you apply to Abveris and haven't heard back from us, contact us via phone or email.  Advocate for yourself and be patient while awaiting a response. 


Tailor your resume to the application and format it so that it is easy to read. We receive many applications and want to be able to identify key information quickly. Use a professional email address, a professional font like Times New Roman or Arial, and use action words in the past tense to describe your previous work experiences. Avoid using phrases like "responsibilities include" or words like "tries." Instead, use action words like "established," "prepared," "improved," etc.

"The most important tool you have on a resume is language" -Jay Samit

Cover Letter

Address specific reasons why you want to work at Abveris and directly indicate how your strengths align with our mission. Read through the job description and use your cover letter to explicitly show that you demonstrated each of the skills the job description lists. The same job experience can be used to illustrate vastly different abilities, depending on how you explain it.

The Interview

We hire people who make us excited to come to work. Interviews allow our team the opportunity to decide whether there is a good fit. We asked our team to list a few tips for our interviewees. Here's what they said:

  • Let your excitement for the job and the company shine! Research the company before your interview, test your understanding of the role, and brainstorm questions.  
  • Show us how your job experiences have prepared you to help bring our team to the next level. In your opinion, where are you strongest, and how can we best support you?
  • Help us understand what drives you as a person. Don't be afraid to show your personality! We are a small, tight-knit team, and we like to have fun together.


Though stressful, job hunting can be a time of great excitement. Don't get discouraged on your journey to a new career. Our team values persistence, and we are looking forward to hearing from you!

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