You're going to love working with us.


We hire people who make us excited to come to work. 

We are Boston's antibody enthusiasts on a mission to deliver excellence. Our team is comprised of bright minds: talented biopharma scientists, hard-working graduates from Boston's vibrant university scene, and inquisitive minds that never tire.


We are building the mainstays of a healthy tomorrow.


We constantly develop ourselves to be the best at our discovery work.


We work best when we feel fulfilled at work and at home.


Our Values

Culture is incredibly important in any organization. These values represent ours.

  • Integrity

    Honesty is everything to us. We cherish the trust we have in each other, and the confidence our partners have in us.

  • Teamwork

    We all bring different skills with us, and we're stronger than the sum of our talents. We're competitive, but we don't compete with each other.

  • Drive

    Scientists should know to expect the unexpected. We look for those who won't stop searching for answers until they know why.

  • Innovation

    Often, in science, challenges arise that have no clear solution. We look for creative thinkers that can turn puzzle pieces into an image of their own crafting.

  • Partner Success

    We work with you to increase the pace at which you're driving forward your drugs and diagnostics.  We love being a part of that success. 


Benefits we offer

We believe wholeheartedly that taking care of our team is one of the most impactful things we can do. That's why we offer outstanding benefits.

Health Plans

Unlimited Vacation

Beer & Snacks

Paternity/Maternity Programs

Free Parking

Pets Welcome


Open Positions

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