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Abveris Announces Partnership with Immunitas using the DiversimAb Mouse on the Berkeley Lights Beacon

10/8/20 4:11 PM

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Canton, MA, USA – Abveris, Inc. ("Abveris") announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Immunitas Therapeutics, Inc. ("Immunitas") for the discovery of monoclonal antibodies to expand the Immunitas therapeutic pipeline. Under the terms of the agreement, Abveris will utilize its proprietary DiversimAbTM mouse model in combination with its next-generation B cell screening platform, powered by the Berkeley Lights Beacon®, to rapidly discover monoclonal antibodies for use as research reagents and therapeutics for immuno-oncology.

"The Immunitas team is uniquely positioned to identify novel therapeutic oncology targets using their innovative single cell genomics-based techniques. Pairing the Immunitas platform with efficient discovery of highly diverse panels of antibodies will result in the rapid identification of therapeutic-quality antibodies," commented Tracey Mullen, CEO of Abveris. "Our function-forward approach to antibody discovery will enable Abveris to deliver fully validated drug candidates in accelerated timelines. Ultimately, the synergy between the two platforms will result in faster delivery of targeted therapies to the patients who need them."    


"We are excited to collaborate with Abveris to accelerate the pace of discovery for some of our new antibody therapeutics," said Jeff Goldberg, CEO of Immunitas. "Our platform rapidly generates and validates new targets for treating challenging cancers. Working with Abveris will enable us to quickly identify and select highly specific antibodies for those targets, so that we can take the best antibody forward to address the needs of particular patient populations."


About Abveris: 

Abveris is Boston's premier antibody discovery company providing contract research services to the biopharma industry. Abveris applies advanced immunization methods combined with B cell screening and hybridoma-based antibody discovery technologies to provide comprehensive gene-to-antibody discovery services. Abveris is developing the next generation of biologics, cell therapies, vaccines, and diagnostics in partnership with global leaders in biopharma. Find additional information about Abveris at www.ABVERIS.com.


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