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Sustainable Science: Introduction to Our Green Initiatives Blog

2/7/20 7:30 AM

Abveris is excited to announce our new Green Initiatives blog series.
Why are we “green-ing” our operations?

We are a group of biopharmaceutical scientists advancing a scientific mission to produce better biotherapeutic drugs. While our mission does not directly relate to environmental science, we recognize that environmental health ties directly to human health. Global climate scientists have reached a clear consensus: to address climate change, dramatic action must be taken now. To ignore our company’s contribution to global carbon emissions and climate change is irresponsible.

What’s the plan?

Abveris is enacting sweeping changes to our laboratory and business operations to reduce our company's carbon footprint. Did you know that laboratory facilities use 5-10x more energy compared to similarly-sized “normal” office spaces? As our lab continues to grow, we're scrutinizing our policies on energy use and sustainability so we can build valuable therapeutic products without leaving a harmful footprint.

Why are we blogging about it?

In this blog series, you’ll find information about our efforts to overhaul our company operations and move towards net carbon-neutrality. These initiatives extend beyond our laboratory and office to build support for eco-conscious behaviors at work, at home, and in our supply chain. By showcasing what we are doing in our labs and offices, we hope that other pharmaceutical scientists can follow our progress and enact changes in their own companies and institutions.

In each of our posts, we’ll break down the following:
  • What specific action are we taking to address climate change?
  • Why are we making a change?
  • What's the implementation strategy?
  • How do we expect to make an impact?
  • How can you, the reader, make a similar change in your own company?

Check out this blog series at abveris.com/greenscience to stay updated on our progress!

Matthew Bartolucci

Written by Matthew Bartolucci