Meet the Team: Tracey Mullen

By Madeleine Carbonneau - July 05, 2019

TraceyMullen July 5, 2019 - Our team is comprised of creative, friendly, mission-focused antibody enthusiasts who take pride in discovery science. This summer, Abveris will be featuring all of our team members on our blog to showcase the personalities that make our team a community. Twice a week, tune in to learn more about members of our team and see what they do inside and outside of work.

Tracey Mullen

Chief Operating Officer

Q: What excites you about science?

A: The fact that the answer to most scientific questions is another question.

Q: Tell us a fun fact?

A: The hazelnut is actually not a nut, it's a seed.

Q: What do you do in your free time?

A: I like rock climbing and yoga (and hiking with a heavy backpack by default...crags tend to be far from civilization...)

Q: What is the coolest thing you have done at Abveris or what is your favorite memory of working here?

A: PEGS Boston 2019! Seeing so many members of our team present and representing Abveris was truly inspiring.

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