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A Message From Abveris Creator Garren Hilow on the Promotion of Tracey Mullen to CEO

By Garren Hilow on 7/13/20 8:00 AM

When a leader has the innate ability to help those around them become better, stronger all while focusing on the future, those abilities are rewarded.

That is why, effective today, Tracey Mullen will take over as Chief Executive Officer of Abveris. This change allows me to focus more on strategic partnerships and business development as Chief Business Officer. This decision was entirely my -own and, as the primary business owner of Abveris, a choice I believe is the right direction for our company.

During Tracey’s tenure at Abveris she has been responsible for increasing our average monthly revenue by 160%, more than doubling our company headcount, and co-leading the implementation of the Beacon B cell screening platform. A native of Connecticut, she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical-Biological Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and her Executive Masters of Business Administration from Quantic School of Business and Technology.

Abveris is a scientific company and should be led by an elite scientist. With a strong focus on cutting-edge science and engineering, we at Abveris have the ability to change the future of medicine. We are now on a path to ensure this is our legacy. As we move out of the startup stage it is time for a new leader who has the skills I deem most valuable for our future: scientific knowledge, operational excellence, and courage.

Tracey is the most capable, talented, courageous and emotionally intelligent professional I have ever had the opportunity to know. She has earned the respect of everyone on our team and every one of our partners.  She is one of those rare leaders who makes everyone around her stronger and better — the rising tide that lifts all boats, not just a select few.

She is a glowing example of the next generation of leadership: a combination of subject matter expertise and sharp business acumen. There is a significant yet rare advantage in a leader like Tracey, who possesses an extensive understanding of our industry’s business operations as well as the intricate, technical details of our company’s work on the front lines.

I believe that a CEO should be the personification of her company’s brand. Tracey is Abveris personified: smart, hardworking, science-forward, deeply committed to success and fiercely competitive. I can’t think of a better embodiment of our premium, elite, yet approachable brand. Abveris has worked for years to hone the right brand, in the right market, with the right offering at the right time. Now that we have the right leader for the next phase of our company growth, we will move with more precision toward the opportunities that await us. 

Our business is, and has always been, to make quality biologic drugs. The antibodies we deliver will help cure disease and increase the quality of life globally. It is imperative that we continue to push ourselves as an organization to do the best job we possibly can so we can help make the world a better, healthier place. With Tracey making organization-wide decisions, Abveris will continue successfully fulfilling our mission to deliver the next generation of life-saving therapies.

In health and to our future,

Garren Hilow

Chief Business Officer, Creator, Owner

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