Single B-Cell Screening
With Unprecedented Speed & Resolution

Single B-Cell Screening With Unprecedented Speed & Resolution

High-Resolution Screening in Industry-Leading Timelines


The Beacon platform by Berkeley Lights is a disruptive, best-in-industry technology for single B-cell screening. It enables high resolution screening of antibody secreting B-cells with a throughput and timeline that was unimaginable just a few years ago.  Days after tissue collection, the Beacon provides a rich data set about each antibody screened to identify the rare, active, cross-reactive mAbs that are ideal for clinical development. Those antibodies are then sequenced and expressed rapidly to advance them to downstream assays.

The Beacon platform is a perfect combination with our ability to generate immune responses in-vivo against difficult-to-target epitopes and our expertise in downstream characterization.

By screening mAbs in for the proper functional activity and cross-reactivity upfront the process is much more efficient than the age-old method of developing and expressing thousands of mAbs to identify the few with relevant function. This results in better mAbs, delivered faster and with less wasted resources.

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  • High resolution screening in days after tissue collection including:
    • Cross-reactivity screening on multiple cell lines and recombinant reagents
    • Activity assays
    • Affinity screening
    • Developability assessment
  • Exceptionally rapid timelines – saving months of time
  • Delivery of antibody sequences and associated rich screening data early
  • Ability to identify rare, therapeutically relevant antibodies directly from B-cells
  • Take advantage of the increased diversity of our DiverisimAbTM Platform
  • Human mAb discovery available using Trianni, Harbour and other humanized mouse platforms



1. Immunizations - 3-5 Weeks

Humanized mice (Trianni, Harbour, others) as well as our DiversimAb and K/O mice available. Our team has experience and IP for generating an immune response against even the hardest of targets.


3. Antibody Sequencing - 1-2 Weeks

Optimized protocols and primers enable rapid, efficient sequence capture from single B-cells exported from the Beacon


2. Single B-Cell Screening on the Beacon - 1 Week

Activity assays, on-cell binding, and cross-reactivity data the same day as tissue collections allow us to advance only ideal antibodies to downstream expression.


4. Expression, Advanced Analysis - 4-7 Weeks

Flow cytometry (iQue), Octet, ELISA and Carterra SPR platforms are available to identify ideal mAbs rapidly from small-scale purifications.


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