Abveris On-Demand Webinar:

Accelerated Discovery of Functionally Relevant Antibodies Leveraging Broadened Epitopic Diversity and Single B-Cell Screening

In this webinar, Tracey Mullen, CEO of Abveris will discuss the following topics:
• Rapid, efficient discovery of monoclonal antibodies against traditionally difficult targets, including cell surface receptors with complex specificity and functionality requirements
• The advantages of the Abveris single cell workflow (enabled by the Berkeley Lights Beacon®) as compared to other B cell screening platforms
• The advantages of incorporating genetically modified hyperimmune mouse models (DiversimAb™) into in vivo antibody discovery workflows that can greatly increase the likelihood of identifying antibodies binding non-immunodominant, functionally relevant epitopes
• A case study highlighting rapid antibody discovery against a cell surface receptor for which functional activity was paramount to success


Reach out to one of our scientists if you have any questions, enjoy!