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What are anti-idiotypic antibodies?

Anti-idiotypic antibodies are antibodies that bind to the antigen binding site of another antibody or biologic. Anti-idiotypic antibodies are important downstream reagents for specific drug development assays (e.g. PK and ADA), as well as many other applications such as diagnostic assays and biomarker discovery & evaluation.

There are different ways an anti-idiotypic antibody can interact with an antibody via different regions (Figure 1). The key success factor for the development is the understanding of the intended applications and design of proper screening cascades for the selection of ideal anti-idiotypic antibodies. Abveris develops industry-leading technologies and workflows that will drastically enhance the success of anti-idiotypic antibody discovery campaigns.


Antigenic determinant in & near CDRs


Part of antibody that recognizes antigen


Part of antigen to which paratope binds

Blocking & non-blocking anti-ids are useful for assay development.


Figure 1. Illustration of an antibody structure highlighting the variable regions.


Anti-Idiotype Antibodies by Abveris 2019

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Features of Abveris Anti-idiotype discovery 

Superior Antibody Diversity
  • Abveris's platform produces a diverse panel of specific anti-idiotypic antibodies using our proprietary hyperimmune DiversimAbTM Mouse
Advanced Affinity and Specificity Screenings
  • Industry-leading stringent, function-forward screening package including BOTH Octet BLI and ELISA. 
  • All delivered Anti-idiotype mAbs are screened for binding in the presence of human serum by ELISA and for affinity on Octet to deliver ideal mAbs for downstream use
Rapid, Predictable Project Timelines
  • Abveris devises an industry-leading anti-idiotypic antibody discovery platform that offers both single B cell screening and integrated hybridoma workflows to significantly de-risk projects and improves the predictability of timelines vs. other discovery workflows.
Proven Expertise and 96% Success Rate
  • 80+ successful anti-idiotypic antibody programs
  • 96% of success rate based on project requirements
  • Success in different therapeutic modalities including monoclonal antibodies, bispecifics, ADC, and cell therapy products such as CAR-T and CAT-NK


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Selected Assays Supported by Abveris Anti-Idiotypic Antibodies


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Targeting diverse biologics frameworks 


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Advantages of Abveris anti-antibodies Service


Rapid Discovery

2.5 months from immunization start to HC/LC sequence and validated, purified mAb via B cell screening
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Tailored Performance

High specificity and affinity driven by early-on advanced screenings

Superior Success Rate

A proven track record for even the most challenging projects

Anti-idiotypic antibody platform with custom-tailored workflows

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