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Abveris Deploys the Berkeley Lights Beacon® Platform for Antibody Discovery

By Ryan Kelly on 6/17/19 7:48 AM

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Canton, MA, June 17, 2019 - Abveris, Inc., a leader in contract research antibody discovery, today announced the deployment of the Berkeley Lights, Inc. Beacon® optofluidic platform for antibody discovery.

Concurrent with this announcement, Abveris will be launching a sister company, AbX Biologics, with an exclusive focus on therapeutic antibody discovery services. AbX Biologics will partner with biopharma companies to provide premium contract research capitalizing on a combination of proprietary in vivo technologies and the Beacon platform. The full AbX Biologics solution is expected to launch in 2020, with beta collaborations beginning Q3 2019. Abveris will continue to provide critical reagent antibody discovery and other antibody-related services.

“We are committed to integrating new and innovative technologies to our expanding suite of antibody discovery capabilities in an effort to continue providing premium services for our partners. We believe that the pioneering technology of the Beacon platform in combination with our own cutting-edge discovery expertise will enable us to deliver development-ready candidates in industry-leading timelines,” said Tracey Mullen, Chief Operating Officer of AbX Biologics and Abveris.

The Beacon platform provides accelerated single-cell screening and high-resolution analysis to identify and isolate antigen-specific antibody-secreting cells in a single day. AbX Biologics will leverage this groundbreaking technology in combination with its proprietary immunization and high-throughput characterization capabilities to provide a streamlined, best-in-class therapeutic antibody discovery offering to its growing customer base.

“We are delighted that Abveris and AbX Biologics have selected the Beacon Platform and our Antibody Discovery workflow for their therapeutic antibody discovery programs,” said Dr. Eric Hobbs, CEO of Berkeley Lights. “Berkeley Lights is driven to help companies accelerate the discovery of the best cells for their unique programs. We believe our work with AbX Biologics will help speed its antibody discovery efforts by screening more potential drug candidates faster, reducing the time from target to high value lead, and ultimately delivering new therapies to market faster.”

About Abveris:

Abveris is a premium Boston-area contract research organization specializing in antibody discovery. Abveris partners with large and small biopharmaceutical companies to discover novel therapeutic products and critical reagent antibodies using diverse platforms, including the proprietary DiversimAbTM hyperimmune mouse technology and a variety of humanized mice. Additional information about Abveris is available at www.abveris.com

About Berkeley Lights:

Berkeley Lights, Inc. (BLI) is a digital cell biology company that develops and commercializes workflows and processes for the biotechnology sector to accelerate the design, discovery, development, and delivery of cell-based products. By operating at the intersection of biology, technology and information, our workflows automate the manipulation, analysis and selection of individual cells, creating ultimate scalability and deep cell insights. BLI enables the rapid deployment of biology for the production of sustainable and scalable sources of food, therapies, and energy.

The Beacon platform is for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Contact for Abveris:

Garren Hilow





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Meet the Team: Chloe Emery

By Madeleine Carbonneau on 6/13/19 10:30 AM

ChloeEmery June 13, 2019 - Our team is comprised of creative, friendly, mission-focused antibody enthusiasts who take pride in discovery science. This summer, Abveris will be featuring all of our team members on our blog to showcase the personalities that make our team a community. Tune in to learn more about members of our team and see what they do inside and outside of work.

Chloe Emery
Senior Vivarium Manager
Q: What’s your favorite fun fact?

A: Did you know a rat can tread water for up to 3 days, and hold its breath underwater for 3 minutes?! That's how they can climb up your toilet.

Q: What excites you about science?

A: There are no mistakes in science, just temporary setbacks. Every misstep teaches you something that will help you succeed in the future.

Q: What do you do in your free time?

A: During the summer, I'm at the beach every waking moment that I'm not here at Abveris. In the colder months I'm at home knitting or painting. I'm also back in school for my Veterinary Nursing degree through Purdue's College of Veterinary Medicine, so that takes up a good chunk of time.

Q: What is your favorite memory of working at Abveris?

A: This is a really tough question! I feel like I do a lot of laughing here. Everyone is jokester, and they all enjoy taking a few moments out of their day to mess with each other. So I think all of my favorite memories are of pranks or someone jumping out to try and scare you. Or Brian singing about his chicken sandwich all day...

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Abveris to speak at the Future of Drug Discovery and Development Symposium

By Matthew Bartolucci on 6/11/19 10:35 AM

Boston, MA - June 11, 2019 - Ryan Kelly, the Associate Director of Business Development at Abveris, will give a talk about our advanced immunization strategies and antibody discovery platform technologies at the Future of Drug Discovery and Development Symposium hosted by ACROBiosystems and Biocytogen.

The symposium will be held on Thursday June 13, 2019 from 1-6PM in Cambridge.

Register for free to attend the symposium on Eventbrite.

Join the symposium to learn more about cutting-edge therapeutic antibody discovery technologies and the latest research in biologics drug development. The conference is free to attend, light refreshments and dinner will be provided.

Confirmed Speakers:

Chun-Nan Chen

CEO and CSO, Single Cell Technology

Qingcong Lin

CEO, Biocytogen Boston Corp

Stephen Gillies

CSO, LinkedUp Bioscience Inc

Johanna Lahdenranta

Director of In Vivo Pharmacology, Bicycle Therapeutics

Ryan Kelly

Associate Director, BD at Abveris, Co-Founder at AbX Biologics

Xiaodong Li

Associate of Patent and Intellectual Property, Choate, Hall & Stewart LLP


Click here to learn more about the symposium.

Event Details & Address:

Thursday June 13, 2019 from 1-6PM

Residence Inn Boston Cambridge

120 Broadway, Six Cambridge Center

Cambridge, MA

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Abveris and TetraGenetics announce antibody discovery collaboration

By Ryan Kelly on 6/4/19 8:01 AM

Click here to read the press release on Business Wire.

Canton, MA, June 4, 2019 - Abveris, Inc., a leader in contract research antibody discovery, today announced that it has entered into a multi-target agreement with TetraGenetics, Inc. a biopharmaceutical company developing novel antibody therapeutics for ion-channel mediated disorders. Under the terms of the agreement, the companies will leverage their proprietary technologies to discover antibodies against traditionally difficult ion channel targets chosen by TetraGenetics.

"We are pleased to be working with TetraGenetics to develop antibodies against some of the most elusive therapeutic targets," commented Garren Hilow, CEO of Abveris. "The combined benefits of our proprietary hyperimmune platform along with TetraGenetics' unique ion channel technology provide a significant competitive advantage for discovery of antibodies against this traditionally difficult target class.

For the collaboration, the TetraGenetics’ TetraExpress platform will be leveraged in combination with the proprietary antibody discovery capabilities of Abveris for the discovery of diverse panels of antibodies with therapeutic potential.

“As our newest antibody partner, Abveris brings unique technology and a reputation for excellent execution to our growing list of drug discovery programs,” said Doug Kahn, CEO of TetraGenetics.

About Abveris:

Abveris is a Boston-area specialty antibody discovery contract research organization located in Canton, Massachusetts, USA. Abveris partners with large and small biopharmaceutical companies to discover novel therapeutic products and critical reagent antibodies using diverse platforms, including the proprietary DiversimAb™ hyperimmune mouse technology. Additional information about Abveris is available at www.abveris.com.

About TetraGenetics:

TetraGenetics is focused on the discovery and development of first-in-class biologic medicines for autoimmune diseases, oncology and pain. The company has the leading drug discovery platform (TetraExpress™) for identifying antibodies targeting ion channels and other transmembrane proteins. TetraGenetics is actively building a proprietary drug pipeline and working collaboratively with major biotech companies for antibody drug discovery. For more information, please visit: www.tetragenetics.com.

Contact for Abveris:

Garren Hilow




Contact for TetraGenetics:

Suzanne Gibbons-Neff



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Abveris to attend the PEGS Boston Protein Engineering Summit

By Ryan Kelly on 3/24/19 12:05 PM

Boston, MA - March 24, 2019 - Will you be at PEGS Boston this year? Come visit us in the exhibit hall at Booth #518. In addition to our exhibit, scientists from Abveris will be presenting two posters about our proprietary mouse technology and our anti-idiotype antibody discovery process.  See you there from April 8th - 12th.

About PEGS Boston:

PEGS: The Essential Protein Engineering Summit is the industry’s preeminent event that inspires innovative biotherapeutic protein drug development.

The PEGS Summit has celebrated record growth for ten consecutive years with over 2,600 industry professionals in attendance and is on track to set another new record this spring.

PEGS Boston 2019 will host more than 400 lectures, panels, tutorials and round-table discussions, along with 150+ exhibitors, and 300 research posters on display in the exhibit hall. The speaker lineup includes world-renowned experts, visionaries, and influencers from top pharma, biotech, academic, and government institutions.

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Abveris announces formal launch of antigen production services

By Ryan Kelly on 2/20/19 8:55 AM

Canton, MA – February 20, 2019 – Abveris, Inc. today announced the addition of new capabilities to support antibody discovery campaigns. In-house antigen generation platforms have been established to support the production of plasmid DNA, recombinant proteins, and transfected cell lines for use in antibody discovery endeavors.

When reliable recombinant proteins are not available commercially, in house expi293- and expiCHO-based expression platforms are available for recombinant antigen production. We’ll build in confirmation testing checkpoints to ensure both parties are confident in the reagent before it is used for antibody discovery.

We generate transiently transfected cell lines in a bulk-transient cell line production procedure using our proprietary in-house vectors. With this method, we can rapidly deploy antibody discovery projects.

DNA immunization can be a strong approach for diverse target formats. We apply a suite of internal proprietary vectors to promote robust expression of your target directly in immunized mice.

Contact our team to learn more about antigen production services today.

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Abveris appoints Tracey Mullen as Chief Operating Officer

By Ryan Kelly on 1/24/19 11:43 AM

Canton, MA – January 24, 2019 – Abveris, Inc. today announced that Director of Antibody Discovery Operations Tracey Mullen has been appointed Chief Operating Officer, a new position within Abveris. Mullen previously oversaw laboratory operations and will continue to report to Garren Hilow, CEO of Abveris.

“Tracey is an outstanding member of the Abveris team who consistently delivers results. Her promotion to Chief Operating Officer is in recognition of the consistency and accountability she has demonstrated as Director of Operations,” said Garren Hilow, CEO. “I have tremendous confidence in Tracey’s ability to drive the future of innovation at Abveris with her laser-focus on operational excellence.”

An MIT graduate, Mullen joined Abveris in 2018 after five years of scientific employ at Biogen. During her time at Biogen, Mullen was engaged in biotherapeutics discovery work using diverse platform technologies.

In her free time, Mullen is an avid rock climber who can be found traveling to the most distant regions of the country with her husband and Siberian husky in search of exciting climbing routes.

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