B Cell screening

Enabled by the Berkeley Lights Beacon


In vivo antibody discovery in weeks instead of months? We do that.

The Berkeley Lights Beacon-based B cell screening enables high-resolution screening for ideal, rare mAbs in previously impossible timelines.

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Berkeley Lights Beacon


Advanced B cell screening

Unparalleled speed, screening resolution and throughput of the Beacon paired with Abveris's mAb discovery expertise

These videos break down Abveris’s ability to deliver ideal antibodies against difficult targets including our optimization and application of:

  • Generating immune response against difficult targets
  • Enrich for antibody-secreting B-cells
  • Isolate and interrogate tens of thousands of B cells
  • Deep screen in 1 day, including cross-reactivity against multiple cells and many proteins
  • Bringing functional screening forward in the mAb screening cascade
  • Sequencing and sequence analysis

Discovery timeline (in Days)



On Beacon Screening

Single Cell Sequencing


Antibody Expression & Validation

High resolution screening on Beacon

Advance only antibodies with ideal characteristics by deep screening on Day 1

On-Cell Screening

Run in sequential assays, including with adherent cells

9+ Proteins

Screen for ideal reactivity in multiplexed assays

Activity Assay(s)

Functional assays including reporter cell assays

Immunization expertise 

This video highlights the immunization expertise that has been developed to generate specific antibodies to challenging targets. Our suite of immunization methods allows our team maximum flexibility when working with a variety of targets.

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Colby_BLI Webinar 2020_Immunization expertise 2020-04-20 TL_CS_with narration



Berkeley Lights Beacon Assay Formats

One of the many advantages of the Beacon is the flexible screening formats available. These formats allow our scientists to identity functional relevant antibodies early in the discovery process, saving time and resources in the subsequent steps of drug development. This video will provide information on how we are able to perform this level of screening in just one day. 

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Sequence analysis workflows

The sequence analysis performed by our team provides exceptional value to our partners. Our partnership with Geneious Biologics enables us to provide detailed sequence analysis, highlighting developability concerns and other potentials issues. This video will go over a typical workflow including the application of our sequence analysis and examples of information that can be expected in our data reports. Enjoy!

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Souders_BLI Webinar 2020_Sequence analysis 2020-04-20 TL_CS_with narration



Beacon B Cell Screening Case Studies

In this video, Abveris CSO, Colby Souders, PhD, walks through a B cell screening case study using the Berkely Lights Beacon. Check out the video to see how we apply the Beacon for ultra-rapid, high-resolution antibody discovery!

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Souders_BLI Webinar 2020_Beacon Case studies 2020-04-20 TL_CS_with narration


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