Identifying Ideal PK/ADA Reagents from Diverse mAbs


At Abveris, we deliver high-quality anti-idiotype antibodies using our DiversimAbTM platform. We apply stringent, high content screening in relevant formats predictive of downstream assay success to identify quality reagents for your specific drug development assays (e.g. PK and ADA).

We know these mAbs are critical tools for clinical assay development, and the speed with which we deliver high quality reagents ultimately impacts patients’ lives. Our team takes pride in the work we perform, and prioritizes the delivery of the highest-quality antibodies in industry leading timelines to support your clinical trials.


  • Optimized, market-leading antibody discovery and characterization platform
  • Expanded mAb diversity with proprietary DiversimAb platform
  • All delivered mAbs screened on Octet for affinity and/or ligand blocking
  • Accelerated timelines
  • Expert project management
  • Flexible deliverables - hybridomas, antibody sequences, purified mAb
  • All work performed in our Boston, MA lab
  • Multiple biologic frameworks accepted – IgG, ScFv, bi-specifics and other engineered biologics

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More Diverse Panels of mAbs

DiversimAb platform delivers a diverse panel of mAbs to choose from. This provides an advantage in anti-idiotype projects where the binding site may be small.


Ideal mAbs Identified for Your Assay

Other CROs deliver a panel of mAbs for you to screen. We deliver each mAb with a rich data package that enables prioritization and easy assay optimizations.


Octet Data for Every mAb Delivered

Affinity readings on every clone. Ligand neutralization and pairing assays available


Expert, Thoughtful Project Management

Our project design and management team is made up of experienced scientists who go above and beyond to deliver for our customers.


Get in touch with our scientists to discuss your project!

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