Introducing Our New Offering, AbX.
High-Resolution B Cell Screening.

Meet Our Sister, AbX.
High-Resolution, Rapid B Cell Screening.

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Berkeley Lights Beacon


Rapid B Cell Screening Technology

Developable Antibody

High Throughput

The Beacon can be employed to screen 10s of 1000s of lymphocytes using many parameters in one day.

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Fastest Possible Timelines

Condense your antibody development timeline from months to days and increase your chances of being first-to-clinic and first-to-market.


Enhanced On-Cell Screening

Screen single lymphocytes for human, cyno, and murine cross-reactivity using cell-based screening to select ideal antibodies.


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The AbX platform will reduce the antibody discovery timeline by months while enabling deeper screening for high quality, rare candidates from host animals or directly from humans. The AbX platform will combine Abveris’ strength in generating immune responses to traditionally difficult targets with the Berkeley Lights best-in-class single-cell screening platform.

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AbX On-Cell Screening