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The Antibody Discovery Specialists.

We are antibody enthusiasts working to discover biologics that target the most challenging classes of reagent and therapeutic targets.


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100+ Successful mAb Discovery Campaigns Targeting Cell Surface receptors.

Industry-leading solutions for therapeutic and reagent antibody developers. We have built a strong reputation on our ability to deliver outstanding science. We have custom-built gene-to-antibody solutions to support development efforts for:
  • Therapeutic antibodies against difficult targets such as GPCR, ion channels, glycan targets
  • Cell therapies
  • Point-of-care diagnostics
  • Reagent & anti-idiotypic antibodies supporting clinical trials
  • Anywhere else antibodies are needed


Expertise in Antibody Discovery

Industry leading platform for challenging target


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Anti-id-1cross reactive-2Functional antibodies



End-to-End Antibody Discovery Technologies


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The Reviews Are In.

Pharma and biotech of various sizes and pipelines rely on Abveris.

"Our platform rapidly generates and validates new targets for treating challenging cancers. Working with Abveris will enable us to quickly identify and select highly specific antibodies for those targets, so that we can take the best antibody forward to address the needs of particular patient populations."


Jeff Goldberg


Immunitas Therapeutics

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